Product Spotlight – Twist-Top Diffuser Necklace

Twist Top Diffuser Necklace
You will LOVE this unique diffuser necklace featuring a top that twists close when you would like less of the aroma from your essential oils.  Watch the video below to see how to use this new piece from Drops of Joy Jewelry:



You get a choice of chain lengths for this product (16″, 18″, 20″ and 22″) and it comes with three organic, non-toxic leather discs for diffusing your essential oils. To use, just twist off the back of the locket to reveal the leather inside; add a drop of two of your favorite essential oil and you’re good to go!

How will you wear yours…open all day, or closed until you need more aromatherapy benefit?  Grab your Twist-Top Diffuser Necklace today!