3 Unexpected Aches Essential Oils Can Help

If you are dealing with aches and pains and pain pills are adding to your suffering, then you may want to try a natural treatment. Essential oils are used to treat a variety of conditions. Some people only use essential oils for hair care or for massages. However, these oils can be used in a variety of ways. Read on to find out how essential oils may help with these aches and pains.


A tension headache causes pain to spread out over your head. It feels like a tight band wrapped around it. Peppermint oil is an essential oil that can treat tension headaches.

This oil has a lasting cooling effect on your skin. It also helps with stimulating blood flow within the forehead and prevents muscle contractions. If you want to use peppermint oil for headaches, then you should apply it topically.

You should apply the peppermint oil across your forehead and temples. After applying the oil, you should feel relief from pain. This source talks about how the menthol within peppermint essential oil creates a soothing, calming, and relaxing effect on the body. Essential oils provide you with a natural and gentle way to treat headaches.

Dental Pain

Gum boils and cavities can be painful. Oral pain is a major concern. A gum boil occurs from bacteria. This bacterium comes from tooth decay, food particles and plaque. It leads to infection forming underneath the surface of your gums.

Clove and peppermint essential oils are some of the best oils for relieving dental pain. Clove oil has antibacterial properties, is a strong antioxidant and is a natural disinfectant. These things help with easing discomfort and tooth pain.

To apply the oil, you should dilute it with a carrier oil. Put some on a cotton ball and apply it directly to your tooth. You can also use the oil in a mouth rinse. This source suggests that the use of essential oils for topical application as part of a mouth rinse can improve bacteria levels in the mouth and improve tissue health.

Muscle Cramps

A muscle cramp causes contraction and tightening in your muscles. It usually develops in your calf and can be painful. Essential oils provide you with a natural relief. This source explains that essential oils can alleviate swelling, tension and muscle pain.

A variety of essential oils can treat muscle cramps. These oils include peppermint oil, helichrysum, marjoram, lavender, eucalyptus, Roman chamomile, yarrow and rosemary oil. To stop the cramping, you can massage the cramping muscle with one of the essential oils.

If you are suffering from aches and pains and are looking for a natural approach, then essential oils may be the solution. It can be simple to start using, sometimes all you need is a diffuser and the oil itself!