5 Companies Revolutionizing Self-Care

As the public continues to learn about the benefits of self-care, more companies crop up to meet increasing demand. Today, it is easier to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle than ever before, primarily because of groups like these five:

Self-Care Co.

Self-Care Co. seeks to provide its customers with the finest healthy-living products on the market. It uses a broad spectrum of essential oils and eco-friendly, vegan materials to make products that promote mindfulness and beauty. Thus, Self-Care Co. offers customers the opportunity to enhance the aesthetics of their living space while improving their day-to-day life.


ASEA represents the future of the natural health industry. The company is most known for its cellular health and redox science, which promotes cellular communication and healthy bodily function. ASEA’s redox product is supposed to reduce eye wrinkle depth by 21%, increase skin’s elasticity by 20%, and increase skin’s moisture by 11%. With their unique formulas, ASEA’s products heal genetic pathways that were either unused or broken. This allows ASEA to target a sector of customer health that would otherwise be unattended to.


MealPal, Inc. offers custom lunch and dinner plans to its clients, allowing them to select a variety of meals prepared by some of the best restaurants in their area. The service makes dining more convenient, allowing customers to schedule immediate pickup of whatever healthy, natural meal fits their taste on a given day. And in streamlining consumption, MealPal removes a cumbersome, potentially time-consuming aspect of their clients’ lives, enabling more time for them to pursue their own ends while providing delicious, healthy food.

Best Kept Self

Best Kept Self is a resource that helps busy people, especially entrepreneurs, maintain a balanced life in which they can take time for themselves. The company seeks to improve their clients’ health, appearance, and mind – three things that are often forgotten and left unattended in today’s busy, stress-inducing world.

Dr. Axe

Jose Axe has used his certified experience to build a brand that provides a fantastically well-researched approach to natural health and wellness. With his many certifications, including doctor of natural medicine and clinical nutrition, he has constructed an internet platform that provides an abundance of information on healthy recipes, lifestyle choices, and natural medicine that is sure to enrich the life of anyone who reads it.

These five brands provide some of the most excellent services and products currently available in the natural health market. They offer a variety of approaches to nutrition, mindfulness, healthy living, and natural beauty; consumers can benefit from reading all five of them.

These are all helpful companies to consider when it comes to thinking inside and outside the box with your health. However, if you’re more interested in starting small and simple and working your way up to bigger health changes, we have a few essential oil starter kits we think would be great for you in various health areas. For more health tips and ideas, both physically and otherwise, check out our blog!