5 Habits For Clearing and Enhancing Your Mind

These days, there is a great deal of importance placed on mindfulness, productivity, and inner peace. Each of these things helps us to achieve more in our work environments as well as takes us further on our path of growth and self-improvement. Figuring how to improve in these areas, however, is often the most difficult part. If you are seeking to get more control of your mind and how it performs, here are five habits that you can use to clear and enhance your mind.



Meditation is one of the first exercises that you should research if you’re looking to control and clear your mind. After all, meditation is a practice that has been linked to a variety of mental health benefits including a decrease in stress, a reduction of symptoms for those dealing with anxiety and depression, and better control over emotions. Enhance your meditation session with some oils and diffuser jewelry. You can start meditating as little as 5 minutes daily with guided meditation audios.


Getting Physical

Getting physical can take us out of our heads and put us back into our bodies. This is essential if you’re someone who tends to think too much or think negatively. It also provides us with endorphins and better overall health, mentally and physically. Exercises such as mountain climbing, running, and swimming is great ways to get into this habit.


Getting More Sleep

A lack of sleep can contribute to stress, a cluttered mind, and a lack of focus. If you are getting six hours of sleep or less, you are certain to have a mind that is unable to function properly. Make sure that you make enough room in your schedule to get the recommended seven to ten hours of sleep per night. If your sleep tends to be unrestful, consider using aromatherapy to enhance your sleep routine. If you make a habit out of going to bed late and waking up early, the effects will eventually catch up with you.


Building Relationships

We are social beings, and there is no way to avoid this truth. A lack of social connections can impact both your cognitive abilities and the way that you think about the world. When you can, try to reach out to those around you and build both romantic and platonic relationships with them. Make it a daily habit to get out and reach out to your friends to keep these relationships going.


Mental Boosters

According to this article, nootropics are “food supplements, nutraceuticals, drugs, herbs and vitamins [that can] boost your brain power, cognitive reasoning, memory, focus, and tackle age-related decline and more.” These type of supplements can be chemical as well as natural, and there are plenty on the market for someone to try. If you could use a brain boost regularly, taking nootropics can be an essential habit to build.


With these habits, you will be able to clear and enhance your mind for a better life. Remember, however, that not every habit works for everyone. Some activities will produce no effect for you. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to substitute it with an equally helpful habit.