Four Things You Can Do to Increase Your Fertility

Infertility is a significant problem in the United States and, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), in 5 to 10 percent of infertility cases, the cause is unexplained. There are many medical treatments for infertility from drugs to surgery, but it may not be necessary to go that extreme right away. Below are four things you can do on your own to possibly increase your fertility.

Eat a Balanced Diet Filled with Healthy Foods

Maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy diet is vital to being able to conceive a child. A diet that is rich in iron is suggested to help improve fertility. Eating a lot of fruit, vegetables, and foods that are low in fat are helpful also.

Address Any Health Issues That You Have

Unmonitored health problems can lead to infertility issues. According to Harvard Health, one of the leading causes of infertility is STDs. Another reason is vaginal dryness, which can mean that a woman isn’t producing enough cervical mucus to aid sperm in traveling to the egg. Many health issues can be addressed with natural or holistic approaches. Others may need medical interventions. No matter which type is required, addressing health issues in a timely manner can help increase fertility.

Relax More

Research has proven that stress can affect fertility levels, especially in women. Stress can induce an enzyme called alpha-amylase that can negatively affect fertility. Activities such as yoga, meditation, or vacationing can help to relieve stress. No matter what the method is, reducing stress and relaxing more can increase fertility.


The anticipation of having a child is wonderful but the joy of that anticipation can come crashing down all too soon with doctor visit after doctor visit before being told that normal conception is not an option. Luckily, there are a few different avenues open to be able to still have the wanted family such as in vitro fertilization and if going that type of route is not viable, adoption and surrogacy are options to look into.

Having a baby largely depends on fertility, so it is important to try to increase fertility in whatever way possible. Starting with non-medical interventions such as the ones above can be a great way to increase fertility as well as improve overall health. With the tips above, a little effort, and a lot of enthusiasm, you could have a high level of fertility in no time!


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