The Best Essential Oils for Balancing Chakras

From the base of the spine to the crown of the head, seven chakras act as energy centers. When chakras are out of alignment, life is out of balance. While we describe these chakras, it may be wise to take stock in how you feel. You can also consult images or diagrams that can help you pinpoint what you’re feeling. Chakra charts can be can be used in conjunction with meditation to identify where you are out of balance. Let’s look at how essential oils can help restore imbalanced chakras.


The root chakra (muladhara) sits at the base of the spine. It is where the sense of security lies. When out of balance, a person may feel lethargic and helpless as well as feeling pain in the lower extremities.

Patchouli, cedarwood, and frankincense help balance this chakra.


The sacral chakra, known as svadhistana, sits behind the navel. It is the center of sexuality and creativity. Out of balance, a person often feels uninspired, jealous, and restless.

Rose, orange, and ylang-ylang can help stabilize this chakra.

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus chakra, known as manipura, is in the stomach area. It’s the center of confidence and self-esteem. Signs of an imbalance include poor digestion, hypersensitivity, and self-absorption.

The recommended essential oils include cinnamon, ginger, and clove.


The heart chakra sits in the middle of the chest. Also known as anahata, this chakra is the center of love and compassion. When out of balance, a person may be ruthless, have immunity or heart problems, and have a deep fear of rejection.

To rebalance the heart chakra, jasmine, geranium, and rose are recommended.


The throat chakra is located in the neck area, just below the jawline. It is the seat of self-expression and known as vishudha. If it’s out of balance, the person will have a fear of speaking, be shy, have a small voice, and may tell lies.

Eucalyptus, chamomile, and peppermint assist in rebalancing the throat chakra.

Third Eye

The third eye chakra, known as ajna, sits on the forehead and between the eyes. It is the portal to intuition and self-realization. A person experiencing problems with this chakra will have headaches, experience confusion, and feel stuck in life.

The essential oils recommended to rebalance this chakra are lavender, cypress, and juniper.


The crown chakra, known as sahasrara, sits at the top of the head. It is the connection with the universe. When out of balance, a person may feel alienated, be frustrated, and in spiritual denial.

To rebalance this chakra, frankincense, cedarwood, and jasmine are commonly used.

Essential oils can be combined with coconut oil to rub on the chakra area. They can also be diffused into the air with the use of a diffuser like a necklace, or other jewelry item while you’re on the go. If you are going to be meditating and in one place for a while, using aromatherapy candles, diffusers, or other devices can help guide yourself back to center.