Health Benefits of Using Spikenard Essential Oil

The spikenard plant (Nardostachys jatamansi) uses, and benefits are numerous. This beautifully earthy and sweet-scented plant has been used for generations in perfumes and its myriad health benefits. Because of its location, harvesting Spikenard can be extremely labor intensive and challenging as the harvesters must climb the hills of the Himalayas to reach the best spikenard. The rhizomes are dug, crushed and distilled to create spikenard essential oil.

Spikenard uses remain plentiful in Ayurvedic health practices, as the plant grows naturally in India’s mountains. The rhizome is difficult to propagate and grow agriculturally, hard to find in the wild and has become listed as an endangered plant. For this reason, genuine spikenard remains an expensive ingredient to obtain.

The Health Benefits of Spikenard Essential Oil

Spikenard and its  benefits remain based on the different attributes of the essential oil. Spikenard was used centuries ago and continues giving its health-giving benefits still today. The roots of the plant are dried, crushed, and distilled after being sourced from the Himalayas.

Spikenard Skin Care Benefits

The properties of spikenard make it a favorite choice for those wishing a natural skin care agent. Spikenard essential oil works both internally and externally to soothe skin issues. Traditionally, spikenard was often used for female-skin problems. If you’re skin has been feeling irritated, itchy, or unwell, spikenard might be able to make a difference if added to your daily skin routine.

The Cleansing Benefits of Spikenard

Because spikenard naturally contains cleansing properties, it works outside of the body. It is a great skin cleanser to promote healthy skin. Taking spikenard also provides purifying effects for the skin, as it can help hydrate and soften skin.

The Scent of Spikenard Relaxes

Spikenard counteracts body odors. Many users of this essential oil also describe the scent as soothing and relaxing due to the wet, soil-like smell (think of a forest after rain), and has been said to have a calming aroma that creates an environment for relaxation.  It has been said to resemble the scent of moss. If you’re a fan of earthy scents, this could be a great aroma to have in your home as a sleep aid.

These brief examples are but a few of the many uses for the exotic, helpful herb spikenard. Additionally, there are a lot of different ways to enjoy the benefits of spikenard oil as well, be sure to check it out here!