Top 5 Essential Oils for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for an new way to spark romance this Valentine’s Day?  It’s a great time for you and your loved one to experiment with essential oils!  Essential oils have the ability to produce emotional responses in people as they influence the chemistry of the brain, and there are many oils that are natural aphrodisiacs and may stimulate passionate feelings.  Once inhaled, the scent triggers a response in the limbic system in the brain, which controls moods and emotions.

Here are some of our favorite essential oils to diffuse or wear in your essential oil diffuser jewelry that may help you set the mood for a romantic evening.

Essential Oils for Valentine's Day

1.Rose: Giving a bouquet of roses is often seen as a display of love and romance (it’s quite the popular flower on Valentine’s Day!).  Rose essential oil has been used for years in many cultures to inspire passion.  It’s scent evokes a calming, relieving affect perfect for setting a romantic mood.

2. Jasmine: Shown to increase mental alertness, build confidence, improve mood and alleviate fear.  Both men and women will love the scent (blend it with another oil like Bergamot if the scent is too overpowering).

3. Ylang Ylang: The name of this oil actually means “flower of flowers”  and it’s often used in perfume blends as a base.  It has calming properties and is also known for it’s ability to affect the hormones needed to boost libido!

4. Neroli:  Slightly orange, slightly floral scent, this oil may help calm the nerves and stimulate romantic feelings.  Neroli has been used for centuries for it’s aphrodiasiac properties.

5. Sandalwood:  This oil is known for it’s meditative properties.  It may help create a peaceful environment, and aid in stimulating romantic encounters. It is a favorite aphrodisiac oil!

Diffuse any of the oils above to set the mood, or add them to some Epsom salts for a relaxing bath.  Many will blend well with citrus oils (Bergamot is a favorite), frankincense or lavender; combine with other favorite oils and a carrier for a nice massage oil or lotion.

Which essential oils will you incorporate into your Valentine’s Day plans this year?