Daily Greatness Journal for Your Organized & Inspired Life

When we were deciding on products to include in our upcoming holiday giveaway, the Daily Greatness Journal immediately came to mind.  These journals are well-known for helping people “consciously create their days and better manage their time, mindset, and daily routine.”  We know that you, our readers and customers, wear many hats: you are moms, daughters, friends, wives, savvy business owners, and much much more!  Life can get overwhelming, our habits and mindsets can take a turn in the wrong direction if we aren’t conscious to stay present and focused.  I love these journals because if you use them for just a little bit of time each day, they can help build positive habits, ground you in strong affirmations, and lead you to create a stong foundation for success in your many roles.

If you’re looking for a personal coach, a business planner, self-care and wellness help, or are a mom who want to get her mojo back…there’s a planner that will speak to you.

Pictured: Daily Greatness Journal & Drops of Joy Jewelry Lotus Diffuser Necklace

At Daily Greatness, they believe that how we begin our days determines how we spend our days, which then determines our future.   If we can begin and end our days with intention, reflection, and a positive mindset, we can learn to be a conscious creator of our lives.  But how exactly do we do this?  We know it’s so important to set and follow-up with goals and change our habits; countless self-help books and articles will tell us that again and again.  This planner will walk you through the steps day-by-day to truly help you change those habits and instill a positive focus on your actions, giving you a road map for a joyful journey.

It’s easy to see that this is much more than just a planner.  Any of the planners you choose will help you to structure your days in the best way to help YOU achieve your goals – in a fun, engaging & empowering way!



The Dailygreatness Journal: A Practical Guide For Consciously Creating Your Days is a combination of a yearly diary, goal & appointment planner, and offers daily tools for self-mastery.  Each day, you’ll be guided through 8 daily steps (meditation and visualization, intentions, dream journaling, gratitude, evening self-awareness questions, exercise, inspired actions and inspiration) that will help motivate you to reach your goals and hold you accountable.

The cover is flexi-bound and a very nice quality.  You can click here to see all of their different types of planners.  There are many options that would be fantastic for those of you that are Wellness Advocates or building your essential oil businesses such as the Wellness Journal and the Business Planner.



After you’re introduced to the 8 Daily Steps you’ll be working through, you’re given a great list of self-awareness questions.  Topics cover Health & Body, Emotional, Spiritual, & Personal Growth, Work, Social Life, Money and more.  You’re then walked through a few thought-provoking journal-type entries focusing on your core values and ambitions, which helps set the stage for future growth, what you are working towards in your daily actions (and why!).  By the end, you’ll have dug deep enough to create a Personal Mission Statement which will be great to look back and reflect on as you work on your goals.

After another specific goal-setting activity, you’ll get into the calendar/planner portion.  You’ll use this journal for an entire year (it doesn’t have the dates written in, so you can start anytime!).  There is a blank monthly calendar you can fill in if you like that view, and then one page per each day of the week.

Each day, you’ve got space to write out your schedule, and you’ll walk through thought-provoking questions related to the 8 daily steps introduced at the beginning of the journal.  You’ve got a weekly check-in and planner at the end of the week, and you’ll outline and reflect on your goals at the beginning and end of every 90 days as well.

The questions are unique (not the exact same everyday), which I definitely appreciate.  It keeps you engaged & interested, making your new journaling habit fun and not so much of a chore.



The only drawback that I have is that the planner is not small – you’re most likely not going to carry it around in your purse with you wherever you go.  But, that’s completely understandable because this is way more than just a planner as you can see!  There is a lot that you’re going to be putting into this new and improved self of yours, and they’ve given the perfect amount of space to accomplish that.  Keep it by your bed or desk, in a place that you will remember to check in each morning or night.

With that note – you’ve gotta check in.  You’re given all the tools with this planner, but it takes the hard work of daily commitment, planning, self-reflection, repeat.  Which can get hard, BUT, you are worth it!



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