Feeling Sluggish? Here’s 4 Oils That Can Help with That

If you are feeling sluggish, here is a list of four oils that can help you with this issue. While there are many ways to alleviate sluggishness, these oils can be a great way to do it.

Eucalyptus Oil

An oil like eucalyptus is known to be soothing, stimulating, and purifying properties. This oil is used to increase energy and mental clarity, which is good for sluggish. Organixx cautions that eucalyptus oil is only for external use, it should never be taken internally. Because of this, it is a great option to enliven you through its aroma and other external benefits. However, eucalyptus oil should not be applied in its pure form, directly to the skin. Inhaling steam that has eucalyptus oil added to it can open one’s sinuses and alleviate chest conditions. Eucalyptus Oil was initially noted in the late 1800s to promote sweating and to clear mucus. If you are searching for oils to give your body a bit of a nice boost, consider eucalyptus oil.

Coconut Oil

When it comes to coconut oil, you can expect a very appealing fat that helps you lose weight and powerful effects on your metabolism. And for epileptic patients, the fats from coconut oils are often used as part of a ketogenic diet. While coconut oil can be used oil your skin for moisturizing, it can be consumed right out of a jar from your refrigerator or liquified at room temperature, then added to your favorite smoothie or other healthy concoctions. Coconut Magic explains that giving your metabolism a boost with coconut oil can help alleviate sluggishness and be a natural way to reduce that annoying belly fat as well.


Kats Botanicals reports how CBD comes from the hemp plant, which contrary to popular opinion is not marijuana, and does not produce the same side-effects that marijuana does. While there are many oils out there to choose to reduce sluggishness, CBD oil, you can include gummies. Indeed, you can take it in gummies if you want something sweet after a meal. Gummies, as well as topical forms of CBD oil, are available in those states where it is legal. It is best to check with state and local laws before considering CBD oil.

When it comes to reducing sluggishness, some studies have noted that CBD oil, when taken in tandem with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), have shown that CBD causes more wakefulness to counteract the sluggishness that marijuana uses have sometimes been attributed with. Indeed, CBD oil can be an option for further lessening some of the sedative effects of THC. Of note, tetrahydrocannabinol is the active compound in the marijuana plant that produces the psychoactive or “high” effect.

Citrus Oil

Yes, the smell of citrus can awaken the senses in many ways. And it has been used for hundreds of years or more. Whether it is a fresh cut orange, lime, or lemon, citrus oil has many positive attributes. And when it comes to reducing anxiety, some studies have shown that citrus oils of orange have many calming properties that are helpful during those stressful moments. Whole New Mom suggests that adding orange oil to a diffuser or adding citrus oil made of orange or lemon can reduce cortisol levels, enliven the sinuses and boost energy.

In conclusion, these four oils can be a good choice when you are feeling a tad sluggish and need some lovely oils that can also provide some great benefits to one’s overall health.

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