Planning Out New Techniques to Overcome Stress

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Numerous blogs have been started and written recently now that our culture is shifting back toward the natural and holistic-living lifestyle. People are realizing how much good comes from healthy food straight from the garden, natural fibers in their clothing, and even just simple outdoor living.

One of the biggest focuses in the areas of holistic living has to do with a reduction in stress – which just so happens to be the number one cause of heart attacks, suicide, and more illnesses than we can count. Stress hurts relationships, reduces task efficiency, and interrupts the mind from thinking clearly. We’ve all been there! 

Many people are looking for new ways to stay in that stress-free zone while still accomplishing all the tasks that they need to do. One common way many have found useful is the use of aromatherapy. While wearing an essential oil diffuser locket or lava bracelet, the olfactory system (sense of smell) controls psychological and emotional responses in humans. That’s why grandma’s apple pie always brings back good memories!

Essential oil jewelry can help invoke a positive emotional response.

Essential oil molecules travelling through the nose reach the limbic system and nerves which are then sent to parts of the brain that regulate neurological, emotional, and immunological functions of the body, including the effect of reducing stress. Some preferred oils used for stress-reduction are: Frankincense, Lavender, Bergamot (citrus family), Lemon, and Geranium. Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, and Chamomile are also good.

However, along with the fragrance of the oils, many people are needing some practical helps and tips for actually being stress free. Meet Ashley and her Lovely Holistic Living site! Ashley struggled with high levels of stress for many years, learned to overcome it, and is now on the pathway to helping others overcome debilitating stress levels in practical and holistic ways. She is currently a grad student studying mental health counseling. She started her Lovely Holistic Living website and blog with the mission of helping others manage stress and find balance in all parts of life, including mind, body, and soul. She writes helpful articles on self-care, mindfulness and personal development.

When you check out Lovely Holistic Living, you’ll find a free resource library full of printables and worksheets to help manage stress and take charge of your personal development (link here).  Freebies include: Anxiety workbook, gratitude worksheets, self-care weekly trackers, and a mindful daily planner, just to name a few.

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