How Oils Are Changing the Face of Healthcare

There are many different kinds of essential oils and tinctures that are currently being used from a holistic perspective for optimal health. Some of these oils are beneficial when inhaled. Other oils are taken orally in order to heal the body from the inside out. If you are someone who is looking to better yourself or heal certain ailments, you may want to look further into the world of oils. It’s a good idea to do some basic research before you try anything out.

Essential Oils Nurses Conference

For the second year in a row, a convention is being held specifically for healthcare professionals who are interested in essential oils. Tickets to both the Salt Lake City event and also to Live Stream are available. Sept 8-9, 2019 the conference goes live: EO Nurses Conference. See also the Drops of Joy 20%OFF related discount below!

Essential Oil Nurses 2nd Annual Convention SLC 09.08.19

People Are Feeling Better

There are many people who prefer natural remedies over prescription medications. The reasons for this vary, but holistic methods tend to be much safer and healthier for the body. Something that comes from the earth is far safer and healthier for the body than something which can cause addiction or unpleasant side effects.

When a person is able to balance their body using natural methods, they are able to focus on many other health-related topics. Oils can help a person work out harder and they can motivate a person to eat healthier. Oils such as eucalyptus or peppermint are also being used to clear out nasal passages to help people breathe better when they exercise or during times of respiratory congestion. Because of essential oils, people are starting to feel much better than they ever have in their lifetime.

CBD Oil for Optimal Health

Photo by Stefan Rodriguez on Unsplash

Cannabidiol oil is something that has recently hit the market with vigor, despite the fact that the cannabis plant is something that has been used for health benefits for many centuries now. CBD oil has been used to decrease inflammation in the body, help with chronic pain, treat seizures, combat cancer treatment side effects, and calm anxiety. This is a holistic product that is very safe to use, and it doesn’t have the potential to cause addiction. Unlike marijuana, CBD doesn’t contain THC that can negatively affect your mental state in the natural world.

Check out this article where 17 doctors (and counting) have documented results and positive effects from CBD oil. Here are some of the benefits that people have given evidence for and discussed so far:

  • Antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Useful for pain relief
  • Can help soothe you to sleep
  • A natural aid against anxiety and depression
    … and more.

Always check with your doctor before starting any kind of oil regimen, especially if you are taking prescription medication, make sure that you don’t have any complications or interactions from the oils that you choose. Otherwise, there are many different oils that you can use in your daily life. Some are beneficial to use on a daily basis to balance the body. Other oils can help you deal with certain ailments as they arise. To keep the benefits of these oils with you always, be sure to try one of our diffuser necklaces!

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