Daily Greatness Journal for Your Organized & Inspired Life

When we were deciding on products to include in our upcoming holiday giveaway, the Daily Greatness Journal immediately came to mind.  These journals are well-known for helping people “consciously create their days and better manage their time, mindset, and daily routine.”  We know that you, our readers and customers, wear many hats: you are moms, […]

Essential Oils – Just a Passing Trend?

Think essential oils are just a fad?  Overpriced quackery?  Voo doo?  We’ve heard it all on our journey to wellness with essential oils, and wholeheartedly disagree!  Today on the blog, we have a guest post from Sally who blogs over at Think Oily, and she shares with us three reasons as to why essential oils […]

Essential Oils for Runners

Are you a seasoned runner, or perhaps resolving to incorporate more running into your fitness routine this year?  Starting a new routine (or even keeping up with an established one!) can be challenging, after the excitement begins to fade or life just starts to get in the way.  Essential oils might be a key component […]

Holiday Cider with Essential Oils

During the holiday season, it seems like our favorite hot drinks taste even better, especially when shared with friends around a cozy fire, or while driving around looking at beautiful holiday lights.  Even that nice cup of coffee in the morning tastes even better on cold winter mornings! We found this recipe from the Young […]