Best Natural Products for Your Skin

Most people don’t realize that their favorite skin care products can also be significant contributors of toxins and other harmful substances. The skin is your body’s largest organ, and as such, it has the potential to absorb all kinds of toxins into your system. Knowing this, it is essential we provide our skin with natural […]

Daily Greatness Journal for Your Organized & Inspired Life

When we were deciding on products to include in our upcoming holiday giveaway, the Daily Greatness Journal immediately came to mind.  These journals are well-known for helping people “consciously create their days and better manage their time, mindset, and daily routine.”  We know that you, our readers and customers, wear many hats: you are moms, […]

Perfect Pairing: Guide to Gifting Diffuser Jewelry + Essential Oils this Season!

Essential Oils make great gifts to anyone on your shopping list who cares about health and wellness, natural living, or creating a safer household environment in general.  Want to make your gift of an essential oil even more special?  Pair it with a unique piece of diffuser jewelry from Drops of Joy Jewelry that not […]

Diffuser Necklace Turned Keepsake

Diffuser Necklace Keepsake

When we began Drops of Joy Jewelry, I had a love for personalized items, ESPECIALLY things that had my kids’ names or pictures on them.  That’s what initially fueled our fire – we wanted to create beautiful, essential oil jewelry that was customized, personalized, and helped bring positive reminders to our customers to live their […]